Barn Quilt with Renee Brooks (1202QS)

December 2, 2017

(10 am – 4:00 pm)

Level: All

Tuition: $105
All Materials Included

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At one time quilts were born of necessity – keeping families warm and comfortable on cold nights. As time passed and more materials were available, the quilts became cherished heirlooms. Barn Quilts are much the same – they are a statement, a symbol of identity whether you are a traditionalist or prefer a more modern twist. Renee and Syndi became the Quilt Square Girls out of a love for rural culture. Use one of Renee’s plans or design your plan to create a 2′ x 2′ barn quilt square on weather resistant board. Wear appropriate clothing, you will be using exterior latex house paint. All materials provided.


The Quilt Square Girls Renee and Syndi Brooks

The Quilt Square Girls Renee and Syndi Brooks

 Renee and Syndi Brooks

Renee and Syndi spent nearly 17 years living in Winston-Salem, NC. After a family member became quite ill in 2007 they moved back to the beautiful mountains in Ashe County, NC. The Ashe County Arts Council had recently completed the Ashe Art Barn Quilt Project and they fell in love with their vibrancy. Renee, a graphics artist, wanted a small barn quilt to add to one of their storage buildings and she we couldn’t find what we she was looking for she painted her first quilt. The result was amazing, neighbors told friends and friends told neighbors and suddenly they were in business.

“We operated the Quilt Square Girls as a hobby until 2011 when we decided to try it full time. Since then we have painted over 1000 barn quilts and shipped them all over the United States. It has been an amazing journey and this year we have moved from our home studio to a small retail location in West Jefferson, NC. Yes, we are DOWN TOWN.”

Check out the Quilt Square Girls’ Facebook Page for updates and pictures from past workshops!