Basic Drawing with Kathy Schermer-Gramm (923KS)

schermergramm_coneflower_2015September 23, 2017

9 am – 4 pm

Level: Beginner


All Materials Provided


Learning to draw is a skill that anyone can master with time and practice. Before photography, drawing from direct observation was the way to “capture” a realistic image on paper. Increase your observations skills through contour line drawings, incorporating sighting, proportion, and negative space while experimenting with line control. You will find out how to create a realistic drawing from direct observation working from sketch to finished tonal drawing using a “mapping” technique of layers which takes the stress out of drawing, one step at a time.




Kathy Schermer-Gramm


Kathy is a professional botanical artist with a focus on edibles and NC native plants using watercolor, ink wash, colored pencil or graphite to create highly detailed images on paper. After graduating with a MA in illustration from California State University, Fullerton she has worked as a freelance magazine illustrator while teaching drawing and illustration before moving into botanicals. Currently, Kathy is on the faculty of the Botanical Art and Illustration Certification Program at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens at UNC- Chapel Hill, teaches at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art of Winston-Salem and out of the Botanically Inclined Studio in Historic Bethania not far from her home in Tobaccoville, NC. Her work has been exhibited in the prestigious American Society of Botanical Artists International Exhibition in NYC.