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Betty Powell is an artist and teacher whose sensitive pastels, watercolors, oils, acrylics and mixed media collages hang in private and public collections across the US.

She is a native of Wentworth, NC that has lived in various parts of US over the years and is now a resident of Wilkesboro, NC. Betty began her art lessons at seven years of age. Many years later, after raising her family she returned to the University to earn her Masters Degree in Art Education from Appalachian State.

Her belief in hard work and the continued study of her craft has kept her mind and eyes open to the beauty around her. Betty has studied with well-known pastelists Wolf Kahn, Charles Basham and others to master the brightness and vibrancy of pastels.

She is a student of life who celebrates each new step in her painting. The people and places in her life are the subject matter. She believes that “true seeing” is the goal of all artists and enlightenment takes place when one lets his/her innocence see nature and life with a child-like awe and respect.

Artists Statement
As a landscape artist, I am fascinated by rich colors and like to use pure, vibrant colors that are joyous. I want my pastel paintings to have a strong play of light and shadow and have poetic elements of atmosphere, knowledge, feeling and inspiration. I have found pastels to be the most suitable medium for expressing the beauty I see around me. Pastels have a life and luminosity all their own.