Ceramic Sculpture with Elizabeth Lauer

Ceramic Sculpture with Elizabeth Lauer, FK721EL

July 21 (Construction)

July 27(Glazing)

July 31 (Pick Up)

$25, Registration Required

     Grades 1-3 | 10 am – 12 pm

   Grades 4-6 | 1 pm – 3 pm

Call 336.846.3827 to register today!


Form,Texture, Shape, Surface Relief, Three Dimensional Construction, Functional and Sculptural ceramics.



FLO kids will use clay to create three dimensional works of art.

Students will experience the process of clay from start to finish. We will use wet clay to create our forms. We will experiment with attaching clay together and rolling clay out flat. We will use a variety of tools to apply texture and design. The pieces will then be bisque fired. After the bisque firing, we will be ready to spend a day painting on glaze. The ceramic pieces will then be fired for a second time, and the final works of art will be yours to enjoy for years to come!


 We will be creating one functional ceramic work of art using slabs of clay and/or the coiling processes. (i.e. Cup or a Bowl) Food-safe glaze will be applied on the second day of camp.

We will create a sculptural project of the artist’s choosing (i.e. Animal, Character, favorite food) focusing on texture and form.