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Lorelle is a largely self-taught artist who as a child started out with drawing. During the years of her marriage her artistic inclinations were placed on hold. At the age of 50 she resumed her artistic pursuits. When a car accident then left her unable to continue her regular line of work, she focused full-time on her painting. Soon she started teaching art to children and then adults, which led her to being a full time artist and instructor. Her students have ranged from as young as 7 years to as old as 92!

Her work is spread around the world with her paintings hang in private and in business collections throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Germany, England and Holland.

While her talent covers a large range of subjects, she has always been fascinated by people so Lorelle’s primary interests have always focused on being a portrait artist, as well as a love for painting animals.

Although she ideally likes to meet her subjects for portrait commissions, however she primarily works from photographs as her clients are widespread. It is always Lorelle’s goal to not only capture the likeness of her subject on the canvas, but to also capture the feelings and the spirit of her subjects. She believes that her paintings should touch the heart of the viewers and give them pause to take a closer look.