Oil with Judy Crane (829JC)

August 29-31

9 am – 4 pm

Oil “Capture the Light”

All Levels

Tuition $300

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Often it is light and shadow that can create a striking painting whether in a landscape, still life, or architectural subject.  In this workshop we will explore how  strong light and shadow patterns as well as other techniques can create a feeling of space and dimension on a flat 2 dimensional surface.

This class will focus on painting the landscape using photo reference material in the studio.   Though it is not a plein air class and we will not be working outside, the painting techniques are similar.  This is a direct quick method of painting that is fun and satisfying.

We will do small pieces, 11 x 14 or 12 x 16.  Students are encouraged to bring in their own photo reference, but Judy will also have photos to work from.  Since we will be concentrating on using strong light and shadow shapes, photos should be chosen that have a strong light source. Early morning and late afternoon photographs often are the best choices due to the nice long shadows.

Judy will be using a somewhat limited palette and helping students with color mixing, especially in making  a variety of believable greens.


Judy Crane

judy-2012Judy Crane has been a full time professional artist for over 30 years. Having worked in pastel and watercolor, she presently works primarily in Oils. She paints in a manner that encourages the viewer to see the subject as the eye sees a scene, not in photographic focus, but with atmosphere and depth of field. She captures the sophisticated and lush color of nature and of our man made environment , and presents them in a believable and exciting way. For the observer, her work conveys a feeling of “being there”. She has traveled and painted on location in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the UK, and the Caribbean, as well as may areas of the US.

Judy has studied art by taking classes at NC state University, Meredith College, and from many nationally renowned artists. These include: The Plein Air Painters of America workshops, Kevin McPherson, Rick McClure, John Poone, Camille Preswadic, Susan Sarback, Qiang Huang, Colley Whisson, Peggi kroll Roberts, Lori Putman, Dreama, Maggie Siner Ned Mueller, Charles Sovek, Jim Wilcox , Morgan Samuel Price, Glen Bradshaw, Jeanne Dobie, Katherine Liu and many others.

Judy’s works are included in many corporate and public collections including: SAS Institute, Glaxo Smith Klein, Duke University Medical Center, Progress Energy, Elon College, UNC Hospital, Rex Hospital, Bank of America, Wachovia National Bank, The Greater Raleigh Visitors Center, the North Carolina Executive Mansion, and the Raleigh Convention Center.

Judy has had several one woman gallery shows, and has participated in numerous invitational and juried exhibitions.

Judy shares her talents by teaching and is a highly sought after workshop instructor. She is generous with her knowledge and even in a workshop environment strives to help each student individually as much as possible. She teaches a “plein air” style that is quick and yet deliberate. The focus is on shape, value, color and design.   Herworkshops “loosen up” the “tight” painter, placing emphasis on what is really important in  a painting rather than the details. She has a teaching DVD available throughout Jerry’s Artarama website. She teaches each year at the Art of the Carolinas workshops which bring in students from across the US. and she also teaches workshops throughout   NC.