Watercolor for Beginners with Ken Hobson (729BE)


July 29, 2017

9 am – 4 pm

Level: Beginner
Tuition: $110
All materials provided

Workshop is full, call 336.846.3827 to be added to the waitlist

Still life by Bob Eoff

Still life by Bob Eoff

You have enjoyed looking at watercolors and may have wanted to feel what it was like to work with. Here is your opportunity to enjoy the unpredictable. One of the most important keys unravelling the beauty of watercolor painting is partnership with a medium that is full of spontaneity. You literally have to ‘go with the flow’. Watch colors crash into each other and combine and blend before your eyes. Appreciate the transparency of the pigment and learn basic layering to achieve simple forms.

  1. The Vocabulary of Watercolor (demo)
  • Washes—flat, gradated, variegated—local color inherent in an object—developing a palette
  • Brush Strokes (calligraphy)—more focused, sometimes detailed paint application
  • Lifting—soft-edged highlights created by blotting with a tissue, paper towel, etc.
  • Scraping—hard-edged highlights from moving color from one part of the surface to another
  • Tool Marks—highlights delivered by sponges, X-acto knife, etc., scarring the surface of the paper
  • Texture—spritzing, masking, splatter


III. The Sequential “work” Plan…Let’s Paint!

  • Block in Local Color—use washes to paint positive and negative spaces
  • Develop Light Areas—use lifting, scraping and tool marks to create highlights
  • Add Deep Darks—mix pigments to create a deep, dark contrast to the highlights
  • Add Necessary Details—using brushstrokes to better define subjects in your painting

          Group Critique/Review

Ken Hobson

Ken has instructed over 60 workshops in the past 6 years. He spent 30 years as an Illustrator & was a Senior Artist for Walt Disney in the early 80’s before opening his studio in Greensboro, NC in 1987. Exhibitions: The Saginaw Art Museum, Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition, The Watercolor Society of North Carolina Exhibition, etc. He has received numerous awards, Best in Show, People’s Choice Award, Honorable Mention’s etc. over the years. www.KenHobson.com