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Sep 10 2018 - Sep 12 2018


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Oil “In the Studio” with Dan Graziano

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This three-day studio workshop will discuss techniques to quickly transfer the important elements of a reference photo to the canvas to create an artistic painting rather than simply rendering a photograph. Beginning with a brief discussion on the “basics” of oil painting (from materials to paint handling), the workshop will also address the fundamentals of color, value, edges and perspective. Learn how to use a reference photo and create a loose, expressive and “painterly” painting! Instruction will include a short painting demo by Dan each day, with explanation of his process along the way. Participants will then work from their own photo reference to develop paintings that incorporate the techniques discussed, with plenty of one-on-one individual instruction throughout the day. This course is designed for intermediate to advanced painters. Students supply their own equipment and materials.

Workshop Teacher

  • Dan Graziano

    Dan Graziano is an award winning, nationally exhibited artist whose paintings capture the hidden beauty found in the unexpected places and fleeting moments of everyday life.  His work has been featured in numerous publications and hangs in the collections of private and corporate collectors throughout the world.

    His artistic vision began taking shape in the 60’s, during America’s explosive political, cultural and artistic awakening.  His initial training focused on advertising and illustration, but a career opportunity in architecture and urban planning altered his original direction.

    When he returned to painting, he was drawn to the rich complexity of the urban landscape – inspired by the work of Edward Hopper and other urbanist painters. As an accomplished blues guitarist (his other great passion), he found the city streets, time worn buildings and multiple layers of decay and repair a visual parallel to the spirit and culture of the music. In addition to cityscapes, his subjects can diversely range from a simple still life to rugged coastlines, small rural towns and forgotten roadside relics. Frequently, a small fragment of a larger composition will catch his eye because of its unique geometry or how it is magically transformed by the way light hits it.

    “In my paintings, I try to capture the hidden beauty found in the unexpected places and fleeting moments of everyday life.  I continue to be intrigued by the urban landscapes of inner cities – their active streets, time worn buildings and multiple layers of decay, renewal and adaptation – that proudly display the effects of age and use, which I see as testaments to strength, character and authenticity in contrast with modern society’s demand for newness, imitation, disposability and easy duplication.  My work is influenced by the American realists such as Sargent, Hopper and the three generations of Wyeths along with California painters Thiebaud and Diebenkorn.”


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