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May 29 2018 - May 31 2018


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Portraits in Watercolor with Robert Way

Breece Crayon

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Regardless of your current level of achievement, this workshop allows you to explore various styles and techniques of painting portraits with watercolor paints.  Participants learn various methods of starting, building, and finishing a watercolor portrait painting.  Learn to choose materials, pigments, and tools appropriate for creating a well-executed painting.  Through discussion, demonstrations, and practice, become skilled at mixing the colors seen in your subject.

Participants will investigate a variety of ways to apply watercolor paint to your painting surface to best represent your chosen subject. In conjunction with the study of color and color relationships, explore the use of value, line, edges, texture, rhythm, and atmospheric perspective to effectively focus a viewer’s attention on your painting’s center of interest.

Workshop Teacher

  • Robert Way

    Robert has been learning his craft, producing his inspiring works of art, and teaching others for over 40 years. Relying on the time honored and proven artistic principals of the masters, his work depicts a strong affinity for light, color, and dynamic composition. He developed much of his style while working with Tom Blackwell, one of the original Photorealists, who utilizes the painting methods of his mentor Maxfield Parrish. Robert’s work has been exhibited throughout New England and in Europe. His drawings and paintings reside in public and private collections worldwide.

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