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Aug 22 2018


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM



Self-Portraits with Marilyn Wooten

These workshops are for ages 4 – 5, all materials will be provided.  This age group requires that a parent or guardian attend the workshop with the child. Register online or call 336.846.3827


Body Awareness, Shape, Line, Color


Children will observe a peer’s face and features as the instructor asks them questions such as:

Where are Cindy’s eyes? (Top or more toward the middle of her face?)
What comes between Cindy’s eyes and mouth?
What shape is Cindy’s face?
What shape are Cindy’s eyes?
Do you have a torso? Do your legs grow out of your head? (preschool joke!)

The instructor will demonstrate the drawing of a simple self-portrait.


Children will draw themselves on a large sheet of paper with a dark crayon. They will draw their face as large as their hand so that they will have room to put in their facial features. Children will draw themselves with the clothes they are wearing and will add color to their crayon drawings with watercolor.

Workshop Teacher

  • Marilyn Wooten

    Marilyn, a retired educator, taught art from preschool through sixth grade for Ashe County Schools.  The classes she taught focused on art through the multiple intelligences. Children as well as adults learn in different ways; multiple intelligences help students discover their strengths. Marilyn studied art at App. State and N.C. Central where she received certification in art education.  She is inspired by children and their art and enjoys working with pencil and watercolor.

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