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Watercolor “Painting with Warmth and Light” with Cheri Fry

Experienced Beginners – Advanced
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Embrace your Watercolorist within and paint with Cheri C. Fry!    When an artist’s creation makes others think and feel, that is the highest achievement.  Take time to master layering of colors to capture warm light in your paintings.  Explore and use the uniqueness of watercolor to create compelling warm light and interesting shadows. Learn how to paint light that creates soft/lost edge, while keeping others clean and crisp.  Light creates shadows and this is where excitement lives.  When color is applied correctly, the shadows will compliment and complete the composition.

Fry will provide artists with demonstrations for spraying, blotting, wiping, dropping, and following a color-order to achieve desired effects.  Artists will practice on mini paintings (studies) daily to learn featured effects.  Studies allow fun time to play with this great medium, the best way to learn!  When comfortable with the application of these effects on ‘studies’, using these effects on larger painting naturally follows.  The progression of creating a painting will be presented and discussed, beginning with an idea, a reference, inspection of type of light, center of interest – placement in painting, cropping, simplification, value study, color study. Learn to answer the questions, “What does it say?”, and “What can be removed?” “Will it ruin my painting to remove this?”   Artists will be provided with project references and drawings, but original projects are welcome.  All skill levels are welcome.  Fry enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of art; she has taught art for nearly 30 years in classes, privately and more recently in workshops.  Individual and group evaluations will be offered daily.  It’s time to paint!

“Techniques are but a means… they should be hidden by the beauty, the painting is the end.”    John F. Carlson

Workshop Teacher

  • Cheri Fry

    Cheri C. Fry finds endless inspiration in her birthplace, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Captivated for over 35 years by this region’s unique landscapes, waterscapes, people, and architecture, Fry depicts them in watercolor or oil.  With a strong understanding of elements of design, color, and value, she captures subjects in a painterly way.  The bones of a painting are the same no matter the medium. Painting in watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastel seems natural to Fry.  Each medium brings it’s characteristics to a painting, some more forgiving than others. Studying with local and national artists while living in this art culture infuses Cheri with an energy that is felt in her paintings.

    Fry is an award winning artist exhibiting in regional, national and international art competitions.  She is a signature member of Louisiana Watercolor Society; an exhibiting member of  the Oil Painters of America, Art Guild of Louisiana, Watercolor Society of Houston, Southern Watercolor Society, and a member of the National Watercolor Society. Her art is featured in Splash 19: Illusion of Light (North Light Books) and is found in private and corporate collections across the United States.   She is an art instructor for classes and private students for nearly 30 years, and conducts art workshops. In 2010 Cheri founded an healing art organization whose members paint with pediatric patients in children’s hospitals.  In addition to her art career, Fry holds and maintains national certification as a Speech, Language Pathologist in her local school district for the past 32 years.