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Aug 13 2018 - Aug 15 2018


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Watercolor “Pouring & Impressionistic Mouth Atomizing” with Ryan Fox

Fine art watercolor painting of Buddhist monk with ruined stupas of former city of Bagan in background- Myanmar

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In this workshop students will focus on creating watercolors using a combination of pouring, traditional brush work, and creating texture with the mouth atomizer.   Ryan will discuss how to simplify complex scenes and how to see color first and foremost as a value.  He’ll also show you techniques for adding texture via masking, spattering, and atomizing. The workshop will be a great learning experience with demonstrations, one-on-one consultations, and constructive critiques. All levels of students are encouraged to participate. Students are welcome to bring their own photographs or use the instructor’s photographic resources.

The three day workshop will highlight a different technique each day with students building upon previous lessons to gain a great understanding of the techniques and applications:

Day One- pouring and masking watercolors.
Day Two- creating impressionistic watercolors using the mouth atomizer tool
Day Three- combining pouring, traditional brushwork, and atomizing techniques.


Workshop Teacher

  • Ryan Fox

    Raleigh, NC artist Ryan Fox is a signature member of five state watercolor societies- Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and North Carolina (GWS, IWS, PWS, MOWS, WSNC) Ryan has won awards in The American Watercolor Society (AWS),  Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors, Missouri Watercolor Society, Georgia Watercolor Society (GWS), and Watercolor Society of North Carolina juried shows. His work has been featured in Watercolor Artist Magazine and Splash 15,16, and upcoming 19 hardcover books published by F+W Media.