“Creston Methodist Church” by Florence Thomas. Oil on canvas. 22″x28″. 1980s.

“I always thought that steeple looked like an old castle, and I always wanted to paint it.  I did that one totally on location.  Rode up there one summer day.  I may have touched it up a little, after I got it home, I’m not sure.  But I went up there and sketched it and painted it.  I took my chair and several other people went with me.  I did a lot on location up there at Creston.  I don’t think that one was done in the class.  I went there several times when class was over and painted.

You can’t paint but a few hours on location on the same thing because your lights will change,  And I would start one in the morning, maybe paint three hours on that one, and then do a different one in the afternoon.  And I always try to get the sun and shadows the very first thing, because they’re the first thing that’s going to change.  They change awfully fast.”

-Thomas, Florence. The Art of Florence Thomas. Jefferson, NC. McFarland & Company, Inc. 2004.