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Oct 01 2022


9:30 am - 2:00 pm



1001DG: Collaborative Collage: A Different Kind Of Writing Workshop With Debbie Good


All Levels

Collage is a technique of art creation, primarily used in the visual arts, but in music too, by which art results from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. Wikipedia

This is a different kind of writing workshop.  Part storytelling, part art, part writing. Collage is defined as a combination or collection of various things. Capturing our stories using art, written word, and a healthy dose of playful spirit, We’ll explore the ways our experiences overlap and learn that everyday life, with its many imperfections, is a beautiful collage.

No previous writing or art experience necessary. We will use light-hearted group and individual activities. Participants will collage a two-pocket folder to hold newly crafted stories and art.

Debbie Good is a homebody – wherever she is, she’s at home – be it the North Carolina Mountains, a village in Mexico, or a cooperative farm in the NC Piedmont. Summers often find her tucked away in what she calls “The Little Guy,” a teardrop camper she and her husband, Steve, use to get lost on long, multi-state trips.  As its bumper sticker proclaims, “I Go Where I’m Towed To.” Chronicling these experiences and sharing them with students, campers, neighbors, and a rollicking extended family is Deb’s forte.  Her adventures are both planned and unplanned, but never dull.  In a classroom, by a campfire, at a conference of leaders, her focus is twofold: how to make sure everyone leaves with increased insight, and how to convince colleagues and students alike that in the end we are all connected.

“Our lives, our stories are a collection of various things. Interestingly, our stories overlap and inform one another. Usually more than we even realize. We don’t have a straight storyline. And we don’t have to be professional writers to capture and share our stories. Now, more than ever it is necessary to explore and celebrate our common threads”. Debbie

“The pandemic was a big mess which left many of us feeling, at times disconnected from ourselves and others. Debbie Good believes there is healing in art and writing  and that exploring our imperfect lives and world helps us find the many ways our stories connect us.  Embrace the joys of imperfection.  Life is a beautiful collage. ” Steve

Debbie’s book Blind Dates with the Universe is available for sale at Florence Art School

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