Oct 20 2023


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm



1020JB-B: Acrylic Pouring for Beginners with Janice Booth


Level: Beginner
All Materials Provided

Come de-stress and amaze yourself with the highly addictive art of acrylic pouring! Using fluid acrylic paint, you’ll learn two different types of pours and experiment with color combinations and additives like silicone, glitter and mica. Students will practice each pour technique on a small substrate and then create their “masterpieces” on 8×10 canvas. This particular medium is fun for everyone regardless of artistic ability or level. It’s particularly great for artists who need to practice “letting go.” Participants will also learn tips and tricks for creating affordable fluid paints, prepping canvases for finishing, and creative uses for paint spill off.

(Please note that the paintings will need to remain at FTAS for several days in order to dry).


Janice Holly Booth has worked in multiple mediums but prefers acrylic pouring because of its delightful unpredictability and the ultimate wow factor of the process. She has helped dozens of self-proclaimed “non-artists” create beautiful, finished pieces their first time pouring. Janice is also a National Geographic author and solo adventure traveler. Her books “Only Pack What You Can Carry” (National Geographic) and “A Voice out of Nowhere,” were both made the best-seller list. For 30 years Janice served as CEO for three national non-profit organizations before “retiring” in 2009.


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