Dec 16 2023


10:00 am - 12:00 pm



1216DL: Needle Felted Gnomes with Denise Lawless (Intergenerational)

Needle Felting

All Materials Provided
Kids 12 and up $18
Adults $40


This is the time of the year when we start seeing the funny little creature called a gnome. They first appeared in England in the 1840’s. It was believed that small human-like beings, known as gnomes, were earth spirits who could eliminate evil from the lives of anyone who owned one. Farmers believed that these whimsical characters had some magical abilities that could help their fields by protecting the produce from pests and thieves.Traditionally, male dwarfs wear red pointy hats. They have very large noses, tan or brown skin, and white or grey hair. You might not see their eyes, but they can see you!.

Gnomes can fill your heart with laughter as they bring joy and silliness to your home.

Students will have the opportunity to make 2 or 3 gnomes during the class. Needled felting kits will available for sale.


I am a nature lover who enjoys exploring and creating art from nature. After moving to the mountains 47 years ago, I learned to weave baskets. In the past, I made and sold baskets and woven sculptures at Art Shows in NC, Fla, Ohio and Va.I worked at Summit Support Services for 40 years. While serving as the Executive Director, I oversaw the building of the STEP day program in Jefferson. We operated a restaurant in this building for several years, had a gift shop selling Ten ThousandVillages items , and also sold crafts made from our IntellectuallyDisabled clients. I really enjoyed assisting in helping the clients make their own micro businesses.

After retiring, I took many classes at Florence ThomasArt Schooland learned to work with wool, felting hats, and rug hooking. I have taught myself to needle felt. It is so fascinating to me to agitatewool with water and soap and make fabric. With needle felting, the process of using barbed needles to turn wool fibers into a more condensed material, transforming them into interesting unusual things brings me, and I hope others joy. Wool is a natural product derived from the sheared hairs of various animals. Felting has been around since the Neolithic period,and samples of felting date back to the Bronze and Iron Ages. Felted creations were used to keep people warm and dry during atime when knitting wasn’t yet invented.

I have always enjoyed sharing my time, information, and am a strong believer in “Mudita”… which means “Cultivating an innerspring of Joy of others good fortune.” I hope you will enjoy this class and the process of needle felting with me.