Mar 24 2022


9:30 am - 12:30 pm



324JP: Exploring Watercolor Techniques w/JoAnn Pippin Dates: March 24,31, April 7 & 14


Workshop is Cancelled

Exploring Watercolor Techniques—With or Without a Brush







Level: Beginners with Experience & Up
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Dates and times:
Thursdays: March 24 & 31April 7 & 14 (9:30-12:30)


JoAnn Pippin will help you explore basic watercolor skills along with some fun shortcuts using common household items, matching these techniques to produce landscapes featuring different kinds of trees.  If you are the kind of artist who gets hung up on painting trees leaf-by-leaf, or if you are spending too much time on the trees and not the focal point of your landscapes, these sessions featuring traditional watercolor approaches and also sponges, cork, wax paper, splatter, and the “loose goose” paint brush will help you overcome the problem.   The interesting patterns that you create using these tools can also apply when you are painting other familiar subjects.  Some watercolor experience is recommended.

We will all work with the same reference photos and drawings in order to learn the basics. Be prepared for some homework, as the 3-hour sessions are for demonstrations, discussion, and starts on paintings you will work on during the week that follows the class.

Bring any watercolor supplies that you have.  A recommended supply list is available, and JoAnn will help you compare what you have to what is recommended.  If you don’t have the supplies on the list, don’t worry.  The Florence Thomas School now sells quality art supplies, so you will be able to buy and restock after the first class

Workshop Teacher

  • JoAnn Pippin

    JoAnn Pippin has been painting watercolors since 1992, and teaching in the High Country since 2011. She is a signature member of the Southern Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Society of NC. Her passion is to explore different watercolor techniques, using landscape, floral, and still life subjects. Her works have been exhibited in juried art shows in Tennessee, North Carolina, New England, and the southwest.  Primary studies were at the Art League School in Alexandria, VA.