Apr 23 2022


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm



423PP: Introduction to Modern Calligraphy with Patti Peterson

This class will cover the fundamentals of calligraphy, including discussion of materials, how to use a calligraphy holder/nib, the basic strokes of the lower case alphabet, and how to combine strokes to make lower case letters.  Handouts will be included for further practice and development of skills. The materials:8.5 x 11” Rhodia grid paper pad, 2 Nikko G calligraphy nibs, 1 oblique pen holder, Dinky dip container of Moon Palace sumi ink.  Materials fee is to be paid to the instructor by cash or check during class.


Level: Beginners
Workshop fee: $30
Materials fee: $18-$20

Patti has always loved arts and crafts and hand lettering.  Several years ago, after receiving a hand-calligraphed journal, she was inspired to learn the art of calligraphy. Following several calligraphy courses, she began to make hand lettered signs and paper goods for her own personal use, which grew into supplying a local small business and doing custom work for individuals.  She has also enjoyed using her skills in doing wedding calligraphy. In her spare time, she loves exploring new hiking trails and spending time with her family.





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