May 14 2022


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



514JK-B: Beginner Weaving with Jennifer Krause


Level: Beginner
All weaving materials provided
10 or 15 inch rigid heddle loom is required for the workshop ( available for rent or purchase please call the school 336-846-3827)

Rigid Heddle: The Basics to Fall in Love With Weaving


Together we will explore the basics of weaving on the versatile Rigid Heddle Loom. The workshop will cover getting to know your loom, some weaving vocabulary and easy math, making good yarn choices, direct warping, weaving basics, and finishing techniques. This beginner class will be a great start for your weaving journey, or a refresher if you got off to a shaky start on your own.

The Rigid Heddle loom is a tool that can be used for creating both the simple and the sublime. Cotton yarn can become useful dish and hand towels. Knitting yarn can become scarves and shawls. Shiny silk and Tencel can become dressy wraps. Cloth woven on this loom can be cut and sewn into pillows, purses, and toys. All of these begin with an understanding of the basics of Tabby and Tension.  This Workshop is meant to be a jumping off point for beginners to gain basic skills with which to begin to create on the Rigid Heddle Loom. We will learn, warp and weave together.  Our project will be a simple, but colorful scarf made with beautiful hand-dyed yarn.

Class Materials:
Student provided  – Working, assembled Rigid Heddle Loom with necessary clamps and Heddle (8 or 10 dent) Warping Peg, Heddle Threading Hook, Stick Shuttle, 6+ Foot Metal Measuring Tape, Soft Measuring Tape, Scissors, Tapestry Needle, Notebook, Pen, Calculator

Instructor provided – Yarn for Warp and Weft 500+ yards Handed Superwash Wool Yarn, Scrap Yarn, Bulky Yarn, Rubber Bands, Tape, Paper for Warp/Fabric separator, Handouts for Class and finishing scarf.

Yarn Color Choice – Please indicate a single dominant color preference. Yarn provided will have multiple colors, but will have your choice as part of the mix.

Workshop Teacher