May 18 - 20 2022


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



518TH-O: Oil Painting with Ted Head


Workshop is Cancelled

Level: Experienced Beginners and Up
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This 3-day oil painting workshop will be fun and informative, as you learn how to paint from the heart, using Ted’s five “C’s” to achieve dramatic paintings. You’ll create a stunning mountain vista, aglow in the hues of sunset. Color mixing, textures, atmospheric effects, and composition will all be presented. You’ll also paint a graceful blue heron gliding across the water. Drawing skills lacking? Not a problem as you’ll be tracing your subjects onto the canvas, allowing for more time to work on learning some wonderful new techniques. Come take your painting to the next level!  Ted keeps the class light and informal, does short demos along the way, and is always encouraging his students to improve their skills, and above all…have fun!


Workshop Teacher

  • Ted Head

    Inspired by a trip to Vienna, Ted Head began painting in 2001. In May, 2006, American Artist magazine featured Ted’s work and the story of his successfully launching into watercolor. He was later published in the best of watercolor series, SPLASH 11 and SPLASH 16, the Best of America Watercolor Artists & Artisians, as well as several other publications, and is a Signature member of the Florida Watercolor Society.
    Ted has also won over 60 awards and a dozen “Best of” and 1st place awards for his oils and watercolors, and has become a popular workshop instructor and show judge. An avid kayaker, his paintings show a fascination with light and color, depicting nature’s beauty, wildlife, pets, and people.

    Artist Statement:
    I like to believe that when my brush dances between imagination and reality, something magical can happen. When it does, the emotional connection between me and my subject says it all. Design, values and color are the means to express a moment in time, captured in dramatic watercolor or oils. I’m blessed beyond measure to be an artist, and treasure every step in this journey.

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