Jun 03 2023


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



603SG: Drawing 101 with Sally Glass

Introduction To Visual Thinking
Level: Beginner
Student provided materials: Medium size sketchbook

Come join us for a fun and interesting journey into the world of drawing.

This one-day class is geared to beginner students. Instruction will be aimed at drawing techniques, knowing your drawing tools (Pencils, etc.) and proper application. Learning to draw is about learning to observe. Through a selection of exercises, this class will guide you on the way to better observation. Students will be introduced to accurate measuring techniques from life and photographs. All drawing materials provided.



As a young girl growing up in South Carolina. I was inspired by watching my siblings, who were all gifted artists. In my early twenty’s my sister introduced me to oil painting. This awakened the artist hidden within.  Subsequent years were spent dabbling in the visual arts with no real goal. I knew my potential but also knew I needed someone to set me onto a path of consistent artistic improvement. I began that incredible journey after attending a workshop at the Florence Thomas Art School, in West Jefferson North Carolina, given by Bob Way, Atelier. Impressed by Mr. Way’s knowledge and methods, I began what has resulted in a complete transition in my approach to art that continues to this day.    

I feel my work now exhibits a higher degree of skill and craftsmanship. My paintings and drawing demonstrate an understanding of sound principles culled not only from my primary instructor and mentor, but also from master painters of the past and present. Through tenacity and dedication to perfecting my craft, I feel I can now present a far more impressive body of work.





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