Jun 16 2022


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



616LD-F: Creating a Floorcloth with Lisa Drum



All Levels $135
All Materials Provided


This class teaches the techniques for completing a beautiful and durable canvas floor cloth (approximately 24 x 36). Learn to prepare canvas for paint (sizing, priming and hemming), creating and painting the design, and applying the protective finishes. Instructor will demonstrate floor cloth painting techniques: sponging, faux finishes, stenciling and brushwork techniques. Students will then create and paint their unique design. Students should come to class with a drawing or the idea of the design they would like to create. Many historical and contemporary designs can be viewed online for inspiration.  Clear Coat finishing techniques will be reviewed and demonstrated for students to complete outside of class. The workshop space will be available the following morning (9:30-11:30) to finish the project.

Floorcloth Inspirations:

Floorcloths have been used for hundreds of years as a floor covering for both utility and style.  These cloths are extremely durable and give your space a unique style personalized by you.


Floorcloth students from 2021

Workshop Teacher

  • Lisa Reavis Drum

    Born and raised in Yadkin County, with extreme right brain tendencies, Lisa has devoted her life in the pursuit of visual arts, writing and strategy.  Graduating from UNC-Greensboro with a BFA in Art, she spent her first career developing and implementing one-to-one Database Marketing Strategy and Tactics for a Fortune 100 company. Now, fully immersed as an artist, she continues to explore creative expression through multi-media art and writing, and her new passion and love – pet portraits…

    Artist Statement
    . dream . create . blue skies .

    Lisa is an abstract multi-media artist who happened to paint one realistic pet portrait  – and her life changed in a flash!   Painting pets, as well as teaching others’ how to paint their beloved friends has become her greatest pleasure and passion. She also continues to create multimedia art, as well as acrylic pouring fabric collage and footcloths.