Jun 21 - 22 2022


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



621AD-I: Beginner Oil Part I with Addren Doss

Level: Beginner
All Materials Provided

It’s All in the Mixing, Beginning Oil with a Limited Palette


You really can make magic with Red, Blue, Yellow and White!  This two-day oil painting workshop for beginners will focus on creating a painting filled with beautiful color and light using just the three primaries plus white.   Let Addren Doss show you how you can take four tubes of oil paint and create an oil painting filled with beautiful color harmony.

On the first day of this workshop we will talk about the supplies and how to take care of them.  You will be mixing color and learning about the terms “warm and cool”. You will learn what the term “value” means and why it is so important to your painting.  You will learn about composition while making small sketches in black, white, and grey.

On the second day of this workshop you will put into practice what you learned on day one by creating a small landscape painting from a photo reference of Henry’s Barn.

Each day Addren will demonstrate the lessons, and then give you plenty of help at the easel as you work towards a better understanding of how to work with the wonderful medium of oil paint. Students required to provide a box 11 x 14 or larger to transport the painting.