Jul 24 - 25 2024


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



724LB: Floral Still Life in Pastels with Laurie Basham

Light Up Your Still Life: Creating A Sense of Light and Mood in a Floral Still Life

This class is for intermediate artists who have some experience with the medium of pastel
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Students will explore a variety of techniques, including cell phone apps, to experiment with composition and colors on a chosen still-life image (students may bring their own or use one of mine, however, I would like to approve their image to make sure they have similar qualities of light as my images) .

Students will create value thumbnails from their images and create several small, quick color studies in at least two color schemes.

I will demonstrate a larger still-life painting using a value block-in technique with hard pastels. Students will make their own block-in. I will demonstrate the next stages of the painting, developing the lights, darks and mid-tones. Students will work on their own using the same process and I will circulate to provide guidance. We will end by sharing and discussing our pieces.

On day two we will repeat the same process, except we will work from life this time.

For a fee of $10 students may use the pastels that belong to FTAS. Please call 336-846-3827 to notify the front desk.

Laurie Basham is a pastel artist who enjoys capturing the beauty of color found in light and shadow, whether it’s a landscape, figure, or still-life.  She loves spending time plein-air painting and is inspired by her travels around the country. When she can’t be outside, she will be found working in her studio using her own reference photos of her grandchildren or painting a still life of freshly cut flowers. A native of Rockville Maryland, Laurie received her Degree in Art Education from the University of Maryland in 1985. After an award-winning career as an Art Educator in Howard County Maryland, she retired in 2019.  Since retirement, Laurie has been enjoying being a full-time artist and has received awards in several Plein-Air competitions, as well as awards in several local, national, and international shows.  Laurie is currently the President of the Piedmont Pastel Society and is also a signature member of both the Maryland Pastel Society and the Degas Pastel Society.  Laurie teaches online and in-person workshops for beginners and experience artists. ​She is an active member of AFAS Arts Center in Winston Salem as well as the Associated Artists of Winston-Salem and the Muddy River Art Association. Several pieces of Laurie’s work are available through the Artfolios online Gallery. She is also an Associate Member of the Pastel Society of America


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