Jul 27 2023


9:30 am - 12:30 pm



727KG:Recycling with Artsy Purpose (Intergenerational) with Katherine Greene

Papermaking: Recycling with Artsy Purpose
All Levels: Ages (12 – Adult)
Adults $40 Kids $15
Materials Provided – See below

Come transform collected paper that can be recycled and put to artsy use! You will learn how to create handmade paper in this session. From shredding paper to pulling sheets to pressing and drying, you will learn from beginning to end the easy and fun process of papermaking. How functional, or creative your paper is, is up to you and the materials you use.

Note: Adults $40 Kids (12-17) $15

Student provided materials: Bath size terry towel and if desired bring dried natural additives like small leaves or flower petals, etc.To dry natural materials place in a book for two or more weeks. Add additional weight to allow the plants to dry flat.




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