Aug 12 2024


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



812HW: Indigo Dyeing with Hollis Wild

Indigo Dyeing on Silk
All Levels

Students will have the opportunity to explore dyeing on silk scarves with fresh indigo leaves (grown by the instructor) using a blender and ice water.The scarves can be twisted, folded, clamped or tied to create a pattern. The resulting color is not a deep, blue jean indigo, but a bright teal.  Students will be provided two silk scarves; a 30 x 30, 11 x 60 and all the dyeing materials.

Student provided equipment:
*  2 gallon bucket or tub
* 1/2 of an old t-shirt or similar material for squeezing the pulp
*  2 – old bath towels
*  2 – 16oz frozen water bottles

Hollis Wild

Hollis and Jay Wild own and operated a small propagation nursery, growing flowering trees and shrubs.  Since closing the nursery business Hollis has continued growing plants including vegetable and herb plants she sold at local farmers markets.  She has now fallen in love with indigo and has been growing it for the last 4 years. It is processed into paste for dyeing or using the leaves for a fresh dye for a different color of blue.

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