Aug 26 2024


1:00 pm - 4:30 pm



826LR: Paint Like Bob Ross

Monday, August 26
1:00 pm – 4:30pm
Level: Any
All  Painting Materials Provided


Have you always wanted to paint like Bob Ross? Certified Bob Ross painting instructor Lee Robinson will walk you through the wet-on-wet process popularized by the long admired TV legend. Students need to provide a box ( larger than 16×20) or a bath towel to transport the wet painting. Oil paint can take weeks to dry to touch.

At a young age, Lee’s love of art began to grow into a passion.  He is particularly fond of landscape art.  After watching “Bob Ross” on television, he decided to try to paint like “Bob Ross.”  Lee became a firm believer in the words “anyone can paint,” as he watched and listened to Bob.

While serving his country in the Army, Lee was deployed to combat zones four times.  During these events, he was diagnosed with moderate to severe PTSD.  Lee’s doctor suggested that he find a hobby that would help divert his attention from the combat zones in which he served, and the horrible memories associated with those times.  Thus began his adventure in “The Joy of Painting” and the Bob Ross “Wet-On-Wet” technique.  Through the support of his wife, he pursued this hobby which has culminated in his certification as a Bob Ross Instructor.  Lee now shares his “hobby” and talent with others in the hopes that he can continue to spread the “Joy of Painting” legacy of Bob Ross.

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