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Sep 13 - 15 2023


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



913DK:The Fabric of Still Life with Deb Keirce


Level: Intermediate and up

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Master artists have studied fabrics for centuries. When you learn to realistically draw and paint the folds in fabric, you are learning to turn form. That means you are learning magic. It’s an illusion to create art in 2 dimensions that can be understood as a depiction of 3 dimensional objects. In this 3 day workshop, we will spend the first day exploring different fabric textures. Day 1, on your panel, you will paint lace, satin, denim, quilted, patterned and other textured fabric samples. On days 2 and 3 we will delve into the mastery of fabric textures and folds in a still life. We will focus on creating the most realistic rendering of fabric that we can, and then we will use those same skills to render realistic looking still life objects.

We will do this using layers of oil paint. Each layer has a one job, so we will focus on one thing at a time. At the end of the workshop, you will have learned the steps essential to creating realistic art. You can continue to practice them the way I teach, or you can explore the steps in a different order, with different subjects and media.

We will be working from photographs for this workshop. This is a painting workshop, and I don’t want you to be distracted by drawing mistakes. So, we will work from drawings I provide for you.

Here are some testimonials from past Debra Keirce workshop participants:

“Not enough words to tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop and your hospitality. It was the best in every way. Because you thought of everything I could enjoy the class without a lot of the dreads that usually accompany attending workshops. The atmosphere created a spirit of cooperation. And that, my dear, is the result of all your hard work. With deep appreciation” Linda

“Thank you for all your hard work. I feel like I’m getting my masters degree, delving deeply into art and filling in all the holes in my education.” Carol

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop! Thank you so much for hosting…Frankly, I got into a little slump with my painting prior to the workshop. I feel like I am inspired now to take my paintings to the next level. It was also great to meet new friends!” Michael

My passion is to create beautiful art that puts a smile in your heart. When you view one of my paintings it whispers stories to you.

Using oil colors, I paint realistic artwork from 2 inches to 4 feet tall. My still life, portrait, landscape, animal and miniature paintings are in private, government, corporate and museum collections across the world. Often, people see a piece that urges them to ask if I can paint it in a different size or color. The answer is always yes! I delight in painting commissions.

I have worked hard to earn signature memberships and awards in many societies and art shows. Art is the way I communicate my love for America, for the beauty in things that are odd and vintage, for the legacy of the golden age artists. Please put a smile in MY heart and join me on this journey.

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