Jul 27 - 28 2020


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



Basics of Oil Painting with Connie Winters (727CW)

All Levels
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This workshop will focus on the basics of oil painting. Each day will begin with a lesson and demonstration to show how a painting evolves from beginning to almost finish. Connie will help to guide students in developing a better understanding of value and color. Students will paint from a still life and photographs. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Connie will work with you at your level and personal style.

The first day will begin with a still life to promote the importance of working from life and how to go about it. Students will work in a monotone color scheme to get a better understanding of values. Connie likes to demonstrate painting an interior, and a landscape to show that the same steps can be applied to any situation. Color, composition, value, drawing and many useful pointers will be touched on. The whole spectrum of utensils, canvases, mediums, etc. will be discussed. Connie is open to all questions during the workshop, is patient, thorough and consistent. Recent clients have raved over her ability to explain in detail and work one on one with each student to leave a feeling of accomplishment and desire to paint on!

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