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There is nothing more enjoyable than the creative process.  Your mind is in a different place, leaving behind all worries and concept of time. Spirals, circles, abstract designs, textures and figures have always intrigued me.  I employ use of bright colors, and elements of collage to bring excitement to a work of art. Exploring mixed media and beautiful colors is comparable to indulging in good dark chocolate.

Artist Process

My process is mixed media with multiple layers of paints, gels and collage.  I do many of my own collage papers using a Gelli-Plate.  Floral collage is from my own photographs or magazines/ always coated with gel medium.  I work with Acrylics and almost always include collage elements.  I love to use pouring medium with Acrylics to develop a lovely background or painting.  Several layers of gel medium and a layer of Self-Leveling gel complete the painting. A painting is less likely to have UV light damage.   I use Renaissance Wax as a final coat to add extra protection.  This makes the painting virtually water proof and eliminates finger prints.