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 The celebration in 2021 will consist of three events: an Opening Reception, a Symposium, and an Expressive Arts workshop in conjunction with a month long exhibit including the work of local and regional female artists.

Exhibiting Artists: Toni Carlton, Lori Hill, Whitney Stuart Landwerhmann, Cheryl Williams
Participating Writer: Sandy Lassen


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Toni Carlton is a multi media artist, owner, director and curator of Carlton Gallery for over 30 years. A graduate of Appalachian State University with a degree in Fine Art as well as Industrial Technology and a Business minor, her artwork has developed over the years in various media from fiber-arts to mixed media paintings. Toni’s most recent artwork incorporates fine handwoven fibers woven as a meditation or prayer into mixed media paintings reconnecting with her fiber background and her Appalachian heritage in the mountains of NC, USA.

My work is a series of mixed media paintings and surface manipulation. I incorporate metaphors from my personal life experiences, my love of dance, music and photographic images I have taken during travels along with multicultural collections to represent our universal connection to all our relations. Many of my pieces represent deeper levels of feminine awakening by encoding multiple layers of images that trigger memories of ancient and present wisdom. In some of my recent compositions, the combination of calligraphic and Asian symbols, ancient text and sacred sites help create a deeper level of resonance. Through many layers of painting, written prayers and songs, collage and transfer images, I am revisiting my spiritual journey as an artist using creative expressions. My hope is that my original creations open our hearts and touch our souls to inspire and lift our spirits. I will continue along a theme that speaks to people’s hearts and touches them in ways that are healing and helpful in developing an understanding of our interconnectedness.  -Toni Carlton

Lori Hill lives in Boone, NC where she has raised her four children.  Lori has more than thirty years of art education experience and exhibits her work at Carlton Gallery and other local venues.  Lori serves on the board of the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts and is a member of the Watauga County Arts Council.

My artwork tends to be introspective and allegorical falling into “series” with themes that overlap, reoccur, and never completely end.  It is a narrative of my life.  Each piece tells a story often inspired by family, nature and personal interests.  For me, creating something is like participating in the development of an organism.  It is a natural process from beginning to completion and a way for me to materialize responses to things that are real or imagined.
I am captivated by layering media (printed paper, paint, ink) and then scratching, scraping and sanding back into the layers revealing traces of images, symbols, patterns and colors underneath.  Most often the elements are obliterated in the process. -Lori Hill

Whitney Stuart Landwehrmann is a painter that dabbles in both realism and surrealism.  Raised in Ashe County, Whitney calls the Blue Ridge Mountains home like many generations of her family before her.  Whitney credits her late grandmothers for her artistic passion as they seeded an early creativity and signed her up for her first art class in 1997 with local painter Stephen Shoemaker.  Though she has a degree in chemistry Whitney has chosen to pursue her passion for art.  Since her childhood art lessons Whitney has become an accomplished painter and muralist and is the Emerging Artist for 2021.

I seek challenges, attempt to provoke thought, and promote love.  I have become the artists I am today through a lot of practice, but I would be nothing without my friends and family. -Whitney Landwehrmann

Sandra Lake “Sandy” Lassen has been a resident of Ashe County for 32 years, where some of her maternal ancestors lived in the 1770’s. She has been a Poetry Fellow at Atlantic Center for the Arts twice, working with Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg, and is a former columnist for The Jefferson Post. Her latest poetry book, The Teeth of Southern Smiles, reflects the quirkiness of her tropical upbringing and pays homage to her mother’s Appalachian forebears, as well. “My mother and my college roommate were both artists. I learned so much about the creative process from them. The interaction between artists and writers is a joy to me. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Sometimes it is!”

Cheryl Williams is originally from Southern Pines, NC and it was there that she learned the art of pottery. While attending Sandhills Community College in 1985, she found herself in the Art Department and saw the magic of wheel thrown clay. Cheryl was hooked, and she received a degree in Fine Arts with a major in Ceramics.

Cheryl founded Grassy Creek Pottery in 1998 upon moving to the mountains of North Carolina. She joined together with a number of artists in Ashe County, and founded the county’s first cooperative gallery. For eight years the gallery was a large part of her pottery life. She has since branched out in other directions.

Expressive Arts Workshop
Honoring Moments of Our Lives
facilitated by Pat Morrison & Julia Considine
August 8, 1:30 – 3:30 pm, $40
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Gallery Crawl and Opening Reception

August 13, 5 pm – 7:30 pm

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August 14, 10 am – 12 pm
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This annual event is designed to celebrate and remember Corey Anne Considine’s life, by examining and celebrating women and their influence in the arts, while supporting and nurturing young female artists.

Corey Obituary

Corey Anne Considine passed away in a vehicle accident in Calistoga , CA on June 6 ,2013. A native of Ashe County, she would have celebrated her 30th birthday that August. From her youngest days, she was a passionate advocate for women and girls. Corey had a passion for drawing, painting, dance and design. She was involved in the healing arts and was a great nurturer. She was launching a new line of herbal face creams under the brand of Napa Valley Beauty using a photo of her late grandmother as the model on the label.


The 2022 Emerging Artist Scholarship will be an open application.  Emerging Artists will be an exhibitor during the month of August, 2022, and will be eligible for the $250 scholarship towards exhibition related expenses. 

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Donations to the Corey Anne Celebration of Women in the Arts can be made at any time.  Make checks payable to the “Corey Anne Fund” and mail them to:

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Donations to the Corey Anne Celebration of Women in the Arts will fund the future celebrations.  Funds are primarily applied to: Emerging Artist Scholarship for Exhibition, Speaker Fees, Exhibition Expenses